At YOGAWORX we believe the old way of beating ourselves to a pulp to look good and feel better is over! As we develop our practice, we become more aware of our bodies and how we FEEL.

Yoga is about working hard sensitively and sensibly, with the focus on the BREATH, BALANCE and HEALING.

A few words for beginners:
You must realize that when beginning a yoga practice, that by it’s very nature, it IS challenging….. you WILL be challenged by your lack of STRENGTH and the work needed to improve it. You’ll be challenged by your lack of BALANCE and the work needed to improve it. And then you may find your lack of FLEXIBILITY to be frustrating and realize the work needed to improve that.


When practiced correctly, YOGA means accepting where you are NOW, not where you once were, or where you want to be next, it’s where you are NOW!!

Classes are NOT contests or competitions between you and anyone else. YOGA is an extremely personal experience.

In general if you are breathing correctly (staying calm) and experiencing a physical sensation or release, you are practicing correctly.

The BREATH is a fantastic monitoring device that let’s us know when we are overdoing it. If the breath changes, gets choppy or short and panicky, we simply back off a little, get calm again, and resume the class, always working at our own APPROPRIATE level.

YOGA was initially practiced around 4000 years ago to release the body of tension, toxicity and stress so that the MIND could be quieted or stilled for MEDITATION.


“We over-develop nothing, but use everything.”

“All struggles become challenges to accept; and then peace and harmony pervade regardless of outside circumstances.”

“If you can have an honest, successful relationship with yourself, you can probably do it with another human being…”

When we come to class we are practicing HATHA yoga which is mastery of the body; the poses or ASANA and the PRANAYAMA or breath work take us to a deeper connection with the mind, which many students claim to be the most powerful part of this process…

As humans, we have a deep-seated goal to be in a state of unity, balance and peace. When we take the challenge to go inside with courage, take a look around and MAKE the necessary changes, without attachment, we discover an inner peace more powerful than any material or inter-personal accomplishments!

So, any discipline that brings us to this state, whether it be ART, RELIGION, etc. then, that is YOGA.

Our classes are designed to cultivate your ability to practice in a safe place, endowed with serenity and self-acceptance.

As our internal awareness (consciousness) starts to shift, the SKIN starts to glisten, the EYES shine brighter, and our surrounding social fabric begins to heal.

We are one of the wealthiest per capita nations on the planet, but we see so much anger, frustration, addiction, crime, poverty, pollution, etc etc. that something must not be working????

Most exercise forms are about looking good first, but we know that feeling good is more important, and with our YOGA practice, the muscle tone and look-good bit come as a by-product or bonus.

We use a beautiful set of breath-linked movements to bring the entire body to an alive, vibrant state, by activating every nook and cranny of who you are. There’s an old saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” So we touch everything, creating a place for self-healing and regeneration. We need everything to be alive so that the energy we draw in through the breath (prana or chi) can be transmitted everywhere.