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Yogaworx is delighted to be hosting this beautiful, healing event...Perfectly timed to balance the deep chill of winter, we offer a place and time to stop. Lay down and tune in to the wisdom of your own body and soak up the sonic healing. Once again the duo of Wendy from Yogaworx and Julian, Sound Alchemy will weave magic! Slow, mindful, deep and connected.

When: July 8th

Time: 630-800pm


65 Eric Street




Join Julian Silburn from Sound Alchemy along with Wendy from Yogaworx, for a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic "sound healing bath" An opportunity to clear out and cleanse aligning and energising the gross body to the astral and causal bodies. Wendy will lead a detoxifying and soothing yin Practice. Immerse your self in the ancient rituals of sound and mindful movement. Enabling a deep healing, untangling vasanas and releasing old habits and patterning.

Wendy Muir

With her many years of classical ballet, contemporary dance, intuitive dance and personal yoga practice behind her, Wendy has gained a deep and intrinsic knowledge of movement principles, alignment and anatomy. Her intuitive healing and wisdom of the human experiences is shared generously in all her classes.  Her love of the written word, philosophy and mindfulness has led to an extensive knowledge of the ancient  yogic wisdom. A study of philosophy as a young woman has always led to a curiosity and enquiry into the sometime elusive quality of contentment and liberation. Now more than ever believing that the art of yoga and the accompanying medicine it provides are the keys to ananda! More than 750YTT hours allow for a passionate holding of sacred space. Believing that the wisdom that these practices bring to us as individuals, as parents as leaders and lovers make us more qualified to be care givers. The nurturing space of the alchemy of sound resonance and the inspired cleansing rituals of yin yoga provide a beautiful and healing space.Come truth seekers "The truth you seek resides in the deep well within"

To do this work is a radical act of self love!

 When you re-own the whole of your life all the shadows and the glitches, you no longer place the burden of this holding onto others. As you remove this expectation from them, you are able to truly love them, and no longer look to them to digest your unlived life for you. In this way, love is not something you seek more of, or something you will 'give' to another, but rather you become the activity of love itself, in your interactions with those in your life. You are then in flow with life itself!
We becoming blessings rather than burdens and life becomes an expression of true freedom!


Julian  has devoted his life to Sound Healing and is known for his work nationally and internationally. 
Julian has learned Yidaki, (Didjeridu) directly from Aboriginal people around Australia including Arnhemland (where the Yidaki originates),and has been playing for more than 20 years.
He mainly uses the instrument in its traditional way for healing and ceremony and has also performed in a contemporary way in Australia, Europe,U.SA and Canada collaborating with many world musicians and varied music genres.
There is another side to Julian that is less known and that his knowledge of Earth Wisdoms and Healing ceremonies which he has been a part of over the last 2 decades having collaborated several times with several prominent Elders from Perth,Central Desert,Uluru and from Arnhemland.
Julian has been given permission and blessing to play the Didjeridu and to use it for healing here on Whadjuk Noongar land by Senior Elders and has a deep respect for their incredibly rich culture and traditions.
In 1997 he was invited by an Aboriginal artist to live and work with Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory 19 years ago. This opportunity greatly deepened his knowledge of Aboriginal Art, Stories, Culture,Healing,Ceremonial music and Earth wisdoms. 
During this time he learned from several Elders who are masters of the Yidaki and Mago and through his association was was adopted by an Arnhemland family that has a direct lineage to the Yidaki, Mago, (Didjeridu ),which has been played for thousands of years. 
In a sound healing, Julian uses a variety of sound modalities(yoga nada) and techniques in order to restore the body’s vibration to its natural harmony and balance, combine this with yoga asana & directed intention and we have a multifaceted approach.
Each part of our body, including the chakras, resonates at different frequencies. A variety of sounds are played into and around the body in order to cleanse, tune and restore the person to their optimal state of vibration. We are made of light (energy) and sound (vibration), and the experiential process of sound healing reintegrates and recalibrates these aspects back into healthy alignment.

Experience and enjoy the ancient healing sounds of the Didjeridu, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, Crystal Didjeridus,Gongs Sitar,Ceremonial Native American hoop drums, flutes and other world instruments. Your guided sound journey will take you into deep states of relaxation, joy, peace and love. Each part of our body including the chakras resonate at different frequencies. To bring these frequencies back into tune involves a variety of sounds being played into the body. This cleanses and tunes the body to its optimal resonance. It is a deeply peaceful experience leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Sound healing is a highly effective and proven modality that has the following health benefits:

* Energizing

* Soothing and calming

* Pain relieving

* Boosts your immune system

* Detoxifies and harmonizes on a cellular level

* Eliminates stress

* Heightens states of Wellbeing

* Promotes energetic harmony and peace on all levels of being

* Cleanses,balances and harmonizes the chakra system

* Improves sleep

* Promotes and enhances spiritual awakening and development

Sound Bath and Yin

8th July

630pm -800pm 

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