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In our fast paced overstimulated modern way of living, nothing  could be more beneficial than slowing down, and being able to be more present to ourselves and our surroundings, to simplify and demystify the present.

Yogaworx is proud to support Dani Sands in bringing these simple tools into your life, to help you achieve a healthier way of living. Learning techniques that will help you to take the stress out of life, getting out of the fast lane and learning to live a fuller, albeit slower life.

Once a month Dani will offer a workshop that involves one hour of restorative practice, followed by a Yoga Nidra.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Each time you practice yoga nidra meditation, you’re stilling the waves of the mind through conscious entry into the sleep state.


You start with sensing the body and breathing in specific ways in order to trigger the relaxation response. The relaxation response balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and balances the left and right brain. In the process, your brain shifts from beta, an awakened state with lots of brain activity, to alpha, a more relaxed state. In alpha, the mood-regulating hormone serotonin gets released, and this calms you down. People who spend little time in an alpha brain-wave state have more anxiety than those who spend more time in alpha. Think of a car: if you want to stop and turn off the engine, you first need to downshift. Shifting your brain into an alpha state starts its process of “powering down,” or coming into a rest state with slower, restorative brain-wave activity.

The workshops will be offered as a slow journey of four sessions, taking place on the first Sunday of every month, beginning on April 7, followed by May 5, June 2, and culminating on July 7.

We encourage you to explore the whole journey into self awareness.

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Pursuit of Tranquility

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Pursuit of Tranquility

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