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Don't miss out on this epic “Radically Transformational Easter Weekend Retreat” !

The greatest progress in life is when you know your limitations, and then you have the courage to drop them.
Sometimes we can cling onto self limiting beliefs , that keep us stuck in patterns that don't support our immersion into our full power.
When we see this we can begin to declutter and release anything that holds us back from realising our true potential. Maybe this is just the space you need to realise your path to fulfilment?


Digital Detox, Clarify Mind and Body

Do you need a chance to clear the decks, reset and replenish body mind and soul? Join Yogaworx down south for a a little bit of late Summer Love! We will encourage you to hand over devices during the day , and deal with the social media with drawal through engaging with nature and other actual humans!

We will eat freshly sourced organic food, enjoy a one day, Pressed Earth juice cleanse, and get to experience the incredible benefits of a sweat lodge! We will practice a lovely soothing mix of soulfil Yin and vibrant Vinyasa Yoga. These practices will help you to energise and revitalise those parts of mind and body that tend to get "stuck ". In order to create vital space for clarity and vision. 

What's included: 

One day Juice Cleanse ( 5 well balanced juices and a night time nut milk) To restore balance and break old dietry habits

There will be three "yin" practices and a guided meditation, as well as vinyasa flow classes. The classes will be suitable for all levels.

The weekend will be designed for us all to become more present to the now realm. Often we disconnect and sometimes we can be so unconscious that we don't even realise, that we have become quite separated from our selves and those closest to us. See this as a breathing space.

A traditional North American sweat lodge (optional)

Optional Extras:

Bus transportation from Perth ($+_80)

A visit to the Forest Grove National Park 2kms away offering access to abundant walking and bike trails.

Bike hire TBC

An incredible journey through ancient Karri Forrests, with trees as tall as 60m, will leave you grounded and awed! NC

Mammoth and Lake Caves experience the hidden world beneath the ground in this region.

Visit Chapman Pool in the Blackwood National park and swim in the river.

Do you need to reclarify your soul and reconnect ? Or do you perhaps just need time out ? 
Then Join us. Commit this special time for yourself .

Spaces are limited so don't miss out!

When: 19th - 22nd April, 2019  (3 nights)
Where: Naravi


Twin Sharing :




A deposit of $350 to secure your spot

This retreat will offer an exciting opportunity for those of you anywhere on the path of self awareness and knowledge, to explore and be curious about what’s going on around you, as well as within you. Learn about your emotions, your sensations, your thoughts and fears, and accept them as an integral part of yourself. 

A time for casting off shadows and doubts and any habits that are self limiting and leave us stuck, impacting our potential to be in the stream of the present.

Get rid of the emotions that drag you down, hold you, and replace them with more positive and uplifting alternatives.

To achieve this takes time, will and a safe environment. Yogaworx offers you all three!

Wendy and Mal from Yogaworx will weave magic into the Asana, working with postures and Pranyama that will free up the nadis, streams of energy consciousness, and promote vital health and energy.


The Weekend:


Yoga on Friday night will be a "sensational yin" to send you to sleep in a state of bliss.

Light salad to prepare for tomorrows Juice Detox


Juice detox… liquid only fast.
We will be offering a one full day pressed juice only detox. To cleanse the body and reset the digestive system.

Saturday Morning: A POWER YOGA class to get blood pulsing through your body, clarifying and detoxing minds and bodies.

Following yoga you will have some free time…. simply chill out.

Later we will travel to a location in the bush, to take part in a traditional native American-style "Sweat Lodge". This is deeply transformational, a challenge for mind and body, that promotes a deep healing release, emotionally, mentally and physically. This will be optional.

After the Sweat Lodge rituals are completed we will take a short hike down to the ocean for a clay cleanse and body scrub and finally, a refreshing plunge into the ocean!

Saturday evening a more gentle Vinyasa flow, followed by a Yoga Nidra.

A Little sleep in!

A Delicious grounding and resetting Vinyasa Flow

Light lunch and dinner; Local produce lovingly prepared for you!

Candle lit Yin class

Light dinner

Monday :

Get up and flow


Yogaworx will supply all transport! We will be taking the YOGI BUS from Cott Civic Centre on Friday at 2.00pm. Or you can meet us at Naravi 89 Rowcliffe Road, Forest Grove WA 6286

All transport to locations taken care of! All you have to do is be there! An opportunity for real growth, deep healing and change!

Join us!

A deposit of $350 to secure your spot:

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*Full payment is due by April 1 Please pay the balance via bank transfer (details below).

Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer are also welcome.

Please include your name in the transfer description and contact Mal or Wendy to confirm payment.

Account Details 
Account name: Yogaworx
Bank: westpac
BSB: 036 306
Acc No: 390915

Mal 0439 999 760

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