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An offering of Leaves: A yoga practice to transition into Autumn

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Our beautiful Simone will lead a seasonal practice to observe the transition from Summer, a period of growth & expansion, into Autumn, a period of release & turning inward.

We will practice a dynamic, sweeter than honey, slow flow to build heat & release toxins, paying wholehearted attention to the lungs. Of the five elements in Chinese philosophy, Autumn is ruled by the metal element. The lungs are the organ aligned with metal. 

The lungs take what they need (oxygen) and let go of what they don’t (carbon dioxide) it seems fitting that we use this season of release to do the same. 

So we will focus on chest openers, pavritta (revolved) poses to help circulate energy in the lungs, inversions (for all levels) to purge the body of impurities and breathwork to strengthen and activate the lungs. 

Ending with a guided meditation and deep rest to encourage relaxation, renewal, emotional balance & immunity. 

All levels are welcome for a 90 minute practice (elevated with mellow tunes) to go with the flow, accept the transient nature of life, release what is no longer required and move inward toward our hearts.


Seasonal Transitional Class with Simone

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