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 As human beings, in the present time, we are hard pressed to carve out a little peace and tranquility in our daily lives. As a result we are tired emotional, drained and quite possiby risking our health.

If youre looking for a little peace in your life, this is exactly what you need!

Join Dani Sands as she offers you the opportunity to soften and ground, Learning techniques that you can take away. A Workshop to soothe your shattered nerves and re store balance to your life.

On the first Sunday of every month commit yourself to your own attention, slow downas Dani guides you through the breath and body for an hour of restorative yoga, followed by Yoga Nidra.

The first Workshop will be on April 7, followed by May 5, June 2 and July 7.

Attend all four sessions for $120 Book your sessions here: