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 We have almost made another year, on this tiny planet, that spins on itself, in space, revolving around the sun which in turn expands outwards across the universe, into the void beyond! We are travelling at thousands and thousands of kilometres an hour, dancing in space, spinning as we go!  So its comforting to know that we are held in earths' loving embrace and we are, or at least we feel, still. And with each breath we know that we are loved by everything that breathes out, just so that we can breathe in! 

We are miracles! Each and every one of us, and now is the time of the year that we get to stop, ground down and express gratitude of the deepest sort! We all are aware of the practice of gratitude but we are not always that good at expressing it. Gratitude is what keeps us connected, its what strengthens the bonds of love and the thread of community. So make sure that you actively take time to express the gratitude that you feel to make it real.

Photo By Sal Kelso 

Photo By Sal Kelso 

As we roll into the final week of 2016 and before we bound into 2017, its a good idea to consider ourselves at least as miraculous as the moon and the stars! And perhaps a few pertinent questions can set us up on solid ground:

What is standing between you and direct contact with your life?

How can you change this?

Can we be in touch with our own lifes' unfolding, and can we rise to the occasion of our own humanity? Can we take on the challenge to grow and act in a principled way, to be true to ourselves, to find our own way and to live in it?

I am struck again by how important these teachings are, and the way that grace is always present in our lives , requiring only our heartfelt attention to be realised. In the darkest of hours and there have been many, when I was just too in the thick of my own dramatic tornado , unable to separate myself from my emotional turmoil. When eventually the drama  is simply too difficult to entertain. There was no option left but just to sit in the chaos of my own making, there it was, an opportunity to just objectively watch my own theatrics, Clarity from chaos and stillness from hysteria.

A good thing to ask is "What am I in service to right now? Is my life moment by moment an expression of what I value? What is it that  'know" and how can I embody that knowing ?

The more we give these questions our undivided attention, and listen to our own inner wisdom, on how to express ourselves in this world, in a way that aligns with the deepest values of our hearts, the more we will feel grace moving in our lives, in ways we could never imagine.

If we can learn to suspend judgement , to allow each moment to be exactly what it is, just happening, and we remaining mindful and alert. There is usually a part of us that is evaluating our experience holding it up against expectations and standards that we set, so we see things through the prism (Prison?) of our minds: does this conform to my beliefs, if it does , its good and if it doesn't its bad. When we dwell in stillness, there it is, the foghorn of thinking and judging mind, Im bored, Im tired , I am no good at this, this sucks anyway, Im bad, Im no good, period. This kind of thinking can weigh us down and dominate. Our thinking colours our experience, but more often than not our thinking is not accurate, its usually somewhat clouded by our misconceptions , past conditioning, opinions and prejudices. Thus we project our judgment on to everything. Just becoming familiar to this entrenched patterning, can lead to greater non judgemental receptivity and finally acceptance . Now we can live with greater clarity, be more balanced and effective and become more ethical in our own life choices.

If we can see that we are immersed in a constant stream of criticism, we become separate from the world and our own true nature. Mind states of like and dislike can take up permanent residence and this can feed addictive behaviour. When we can name the seeds of greediness or craving, that result in a constant need or want, or the seeds of hatred or aversion, that leads to avoidance, it wouldn't be far off to say that a chronic toxicity fuels our lives

True liberation or MOKSHA occurs when we suspend judgement.

Stepping out of these entrenched patterns, shedding them and leaving them in the vestiges of 2016, will truly allow us to leap into the New Year with abandonment!

So it is with the DEEPEST of bows that Mal and I turn to you, our community and offer our heartfelt gratitude, for another unbelievable year of growth, of love, friendship and support and say THANK YOU!

May the year ahead be blessed for you all.


Wendy, Mal and the team at YOGAWORX


Join us in Sri Lanka!

Join us in Sri Lanka!

Upcoming Events in 2017

Yogaworx will continue to engage the most exciting Yogis across the globe in the new year. To this end

some of our Beautiful friends will be returning to share their light:

Watch out for Janet Stone, and Shaney Aalbers (who will be joining us in Bali)

Les Leventhal will come and share with us in the middle of the year. 

Jo Feghale will be back in the first part of the year.

We have two exciting retreats, one in Bali and the Other In Sri Lanka, (both filling up so if you're thinking about joining us don't procrastinate!)

As teachers we are committed to being life long students, and we will be offering various teaching modules and opportunities to enlighten  hearts, minds and bodies  over the coming months