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21 Days to a new way of Being!

Ayurvedic Spring Clean Wellness Plan!

Enjoy these springtime ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle tips to help move out any lingering winter sluggishness and prepare for a vibrant, energized summer!

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In the timeline of life according to Ayurveda, spring—and all new growth—is kapha. More specifically, since spring falls between the sleepy, damp kapha season of winter and the hot and passionate pitta season of summer, some might refer to it as a kapha-pitta season.

It is when the kapha that's accumulated over winter warms up and begins to liquefy. Kapha turning liquid may become problematic for those of us prone to spring colds, sneezing and allergies. And since the liver and gallbladder are activated at this time of year, some of that liquefying kapha reveals inflammation, irritation and other pitta symptoms having to do with the realm of fire and oil. Our goal is to help kapha along; to allow it to flow through us as quickly as possible so that symptoms remain for as short a time as possible.

It’s such a good idea to cleanse in the spring, so we are planning on getting in to spring cleaning mode well in advance. This will help us to get through the last of winter. Nature is on our side; kapha will begin moving as a result of spring warmth. Ama, or toxic build up in the body, naturally wants to express and detoxify. It’s nature's version of “out with the old, in with the new.” Knowing which foods will help to accelerate and support this process helps us feel better while it’s happening. Detoxification can be uncomfortable. So we want to focus on foods that lessen the discomfort while strengthening our immunity—also known as ojas, or vital fluids—so that our path to summer is a strong and vibrant one.

Kapha is increased by excessive amounts of heavy, oily, damp foods. This includes all fried foods, foods that are laden with table salt and cooked oils, leftover foods that have lost their pranic “glow,” and excessively heavy, sweet desserts. If you are a person of the kapha persuasion, this is not new news.

Overeating and under-exercising will also increase kapha. And what we want to do is balance kapha. So, the tastes to avoid (in excess; remember that everyone has their own unique constitution so there are variants to this general rule of spring) include sweet, salty and sour. The tastes to focus on are bitter, pungent and astringent.

Together with a meditation practice and a healthy eating plan, a daily yoga practice wiill help you to shift the lethargy of winter


Starting on Sunday 4th August and Ending on Sunday 25th August

You will have access to unlimited yoga classes at YOGAWORX!

Practicing within a community of support and care, to lift you up and motivate you.

You will have access to a meal plan to support a healthy ayurvdic spring clean.

Those that complete the challenge, will be rewarded for your diligence:

One of you will be gifted three months of unlimited classes at Yogaworx,

Two of you will receive 10 free classes and 5 of you will receive 5 free classes.

To qualify for the free classes you will need to attend 7 classes a week at YW, abstain from alcohol, stick to an eating plan and write a 200 word testimonial .

If you have a current membership with YW it will be suspended for the duration of the challenge.

Yogaworx in the Flow ..

Yogaworx in the Flow ..


Commit now! For a new you, a lighter mind and body and a healthier approach to wellness. Prepare Now for a vibrant and energised summer!