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Mal Yates

Mal started this journey as a farmer in Kojonup. Wanting to "dig a bit deeper," he travelled the globe for a couple of years, meeting some remarkable people and having lots of fun. Eventually settling in Santa Monica, California, he was invited to a Bryan Kest Power Yoga class and was immediately hooked by the energy and the feeling of wellbeing. 25 years later and over 5,000 classes taught and attended, he is still as excited about getting on the mat as ever. He feels that the truth, which we all are drawn to instinctively, lies hidden in the body. Yoga takes us there!  Mal teaches a strong, challenging and invigorating class, suitable for everyone. He believes yoga cures EVERYTHING!


Wendy Muir

Wendy's unique approach and dance-like sequences set her apart from the norm. She is breaking the mold of what a yoga class looks, sounds and feels like. From her themed classes, classes on the grass and retreats, Wendy creates seamless sequences that challenge and empower the entire body. With her many years of dance and personal Yoga practice, she is charged with creativity, sequence and flow. Finding balance between grounded poses, conscious breath, and playful self discovery she encourages students to fulfil their potential through expressive flow. This is what she strives to achieve in each of her classes.

Joy and lightness can be felt in her classes as she passionately encourages her students to push their limits, feel safe and strong. Wendy continues to study the art of Yoga, to further her teaching vocabulary and understanding of anatomy. She attends immersions and teachers' workshops and remains in the perpetual student mind, most recently with the incredible Les Leventhal, Seane Corn Janet Stone.  A recent training with Patrick Beach and Carling Harps has helped her to keep a fresh approach to the practice.  Recently Wendy has bought her insightful wisdom to the practice of yin. "I never thought that Yin would become one of my favourite things to teach but it has"    

"It is through all the amazing teachers that have inspired me and encouraged my journey, that I am here today. I am eternally grateful for all of the dance teachers, yoga goddesses, musicians and anatomy gurus that have helped raise my awareness."
She continues to weave the fabric of yoga into her life and is keen to share her love of yoga. She has four children, and along with her partner Mal, runs the popular Yogaworx in Perth.



Cody Cianfagna

Cody was trained on the beautiful coast of Byron bay completing her Cert IV 500 hr YTT . This training integrated both the physical and the spiritual aspects of these ancient and revered practices. In her classes, Cody skilfully  guides her students through asana, pranayama and meditation techniques to help calm the murmurings of mind and allow the focus to turn inward. 

Cody has travelled around the world experiencing at first hand the connections that can be made, with people sharing this human experience. Her travels inevitably brought her into closer connection with herself. She has chased her "wild-fire"  and felt drawn to teaching yoga,  as a natural progression. Cody soon learned that it was to be her Dharma ( Our Dharma is our true place in the cosmic process: in time, in space, in awareness, in thought, deed and desire) Cody aims to ignite that wild fire within each of us and help to discover what it is that moves us. Maybe even assisting students onto their Dharmic paths!

“Yoga is really an extension or a taste of my soul” she says.

 Having a consistent practice herself for many years she challenges you to question, to explore and to play. With a deep and soulful practice, hoping to uplift you along the way!



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Jo Feghale

Yoga has been a healing tool in Jo’s life since she began practicing in 2000 and teaching became a natural progression and her vocation. Now more than ever yoga is deeply connected to her healing journey and Jo’s intention is to be of service and help others to heal. Yoga inspires Jo's creativity and she teaches a fun, playful Vinyasa flow where she focuses on transitions, alignment and breath to cultivate awareness, strength and flexibility. Jo also teaches yin yoga and has a deep interest in Ayurveda, which she integrates into her daily life. Jo has led and been a part of basic and advanced teacher trainings in South Africa and Germany and loves the global yoga community.

Jo is a gifted Teacher who artfully shares her love of creative movement on the mat. Yogaworx is deligted that she is now a permanent member of the team!


Sarah Hill

Sarah first came across yoga in Melbourne during her early teens, establishing the technical foundations of her practice through Iyengar and Hatha yoga.

At 19, she travelled to India to study Hatha yoga and Ayurveda, where she also completed her first formal teacher training. Since then, Sarah has been teaching and continuing to explore and train in other forms of yoga and movement, finding a particular resonance with the dynamic strength of Ashtanga yoga. She is a STOTT-trained instructor of Pilates (mat and equipment-based exercises), and spent several years teaching rehabilitative exercise in physiotherapy clinics in Brisbane and Perth. She has now been living in Perth for nine years, where she works full-time as a medical doctor.

Sarah's classes offer a somewhat rigorous and challenging practice, whilst maintaining accessibility for everyone of varying levels of experience and ability. There is an emphasis on the physical aspects of biomechanical technique, alignment and breath-work, which set the foundations for creating a flowing, meditative and dynamic practice, moving with the breath.

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Karen Grant

Teaching from the heart, Karen loves to combine creative sequencing, yogic philosophy and some humour into her classes. After all, yoga is fun too! Trained in the ISHTA lineage of yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha Tantra and Ayurveda), a class with Karen will leave you feeling peaceful, balanced, nourished and content regardless of how you arrived on the mat. 

Karen found yoga in her early twenties (or maybe it was the other way around) after a childhood that had more downs than ups. However, since committing to teacher training, it has absolutely transformed Karen’s life, with the most valuable lesson being self-love. 

Karen acknowledges the amazing teachers who have helped her on her yoga journey and continues to learn every single day recognising that she is now an eternal student of yoga. 

TKV Desikachar’s quote, best sums up how yoga has impacted Karen’s life: 

“The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships”. 

Karen teaches a range of weekly classes including Hatha Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative.


Bernard Kong

Hi all, nice to meet you! I came to yoga from a dynamic, competitive sports background like a lot of us probably have in this modern society. I carried a lot of injuries and misconceptions about my physical body into my practice but as I progressed, as much as the physical ailments subsided, there came a much deeper understanding of the vanity of these vessels we inhabit.

As we open our minds and come to terms with the temporary nature of our bodies – the strength, the flexibility, the aesthetic – we also become aware of the associated mind states – pride, anger, frustration and others – that are also temporary, malleable, mutable. Through the use of our bodies and becoming an objective witness to our own selves when these emotions and mind states present themselves, we can begin to uncover their origins and grasp the necessary accountability of our life and mind’s history.

We are the culmination of every single decision we have made to this exact point in our lives. We journey inwards towards stillness, so we can move from stillness.


Allicia Harris

"From the moment Allicia took her first yoga class, she realised something deeper than the physical elements of yoga had been unearthed. It was the connection between the breath and movement that captured her attention and lead to a whirlwind journey to discovering everything and anything about yoga. In 2014, she completed her teaching training to deepen her knowledge and as an escapism from corporate life.


Allicia is particularly passionate about yin yoga, having immersed herself in study under the tutelage of Jo Phee. Allicia teaches and practices with a focus on it's benefits of slow, mindful movement, connection of breath and in honouring ones own body to allow for space and balance. She hopes to encourage her students to look beyond the physical asanas and to discover the practice as a place where we can observe ourselves and learn true self-acceptance and compassion."

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Julia Watson

Julia brings a deep wisdom to her yoga practice, underpinned by study in Vinyasa yoga, Human Movement, Ayurveda and Bowen Therapy, but most importantly via an insatiable thirst for self-enquiry. Julia’s classes balance a passion for anatomy with a freedom of movement; a seriousness for philosophy with a light-hearted delivery, as she creates a platform where there is no claim or authority on what the healing process and yoga practice might look like to the individual – simply an invitation to play. There is an incessant desire to ask of the body, spirit and mind, to yield to the shape, the asana, the breath, and the space that is held just beyond our edges, to melt into the knowing that we are enough, we are whole and we are connected. Yoga is the tool, the platform for deep yet playful enquiry within, and this journey is one Julia is honoured to share with you. 



Yelena Yoppe

During her medical degree, she completed her teacher training in Byron Bay, and she has been an inspiring and passionate teacher for hundreds of people since 2009. Her goal as a teacher is to make the challenges of practicing yoga joyful. Each class has options for all levels of experience and fitness, including pregnancy. Her non-traditional and inspirational style flows with the breath to music, is light-hearted and sweat building. The focus is on developing strength while increasing flexibility, helping us to age with grace and protecting us from injury. 

Yelena believes yoga helps us to connect and heal. It simplifies living and keeps us in tune with the truth of what really matters. The practice of yoga provides us with an opportunity to experience greater kindness and compassion for ourselves, and the wisdom to reflect that love and joy out into the world. Each time we return to the mat, everyone benefits.

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Timothy Henworth


Tim is a certified Vikasa Yoga and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher, along with being a life coach and personal trainer; but his true passion lies in unlocking the connection with the true self and the wisdom of the natural world around us. Tim combines his powerful Hatha Vinyasa yoga with the symbolic medium of Totems to take you through a journey that which challenges you, weaving breath, movement and meditation together seamlessly into a story that's truly your own. “Yoga to me is an awakening. Yoga allows us to explore a wild and untamed aspect of ourselves. It teaches us to be free, to act in the moment clearly and consciously, with poise, strength and balance. Yoga is a path to living a life in the qualities of nature, it is infinite, it is our moment.” Tim creatively incorporates and teaches hand balance and inversions into the practice “These postures are fertile ground for grounding, because they quickly show us our edges. Our road blocks become more obvious. For this very reason, they're revealing, bringing us ever closer to facing our fears. Unstable, unusual: these are the conditions of the typical hand balance. much is required for us to find ease and power under these conditions. We have to allow ourselves that moment of being present to find the peace within the pose, and peace within ourselves.” Join Tim on the mat to explore the wild world within us. “May your mind be fierce, your body strong and your spirit free”

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Emma Bray

Emma's yoga journey began almost two decades ago when pregnant with her first child. Years later, it was her children who inspired her to go deeper and gain more knowledge as to the benefits of yoga and mediation for teens and children. 

To this end, Emma completed her Childrens and Teens Yoga Teacher Training in Melbourne and Sydney and has since taught in both Primary and Secondary Schools. 

Emma then broadened her focus and completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in beautiful Byron Bay. Trained in the Purna Yoga tradition which combines Asana, meditation, pranayama and philosophy, Emma's classes aim to nurture and inspire 'every body' from new comers to the experienced yogi. 

Emma believes in honouring our bodies – it's strengths and weaknesses – to prevent injury and build stamina, balance and inner calm. 

If you prefer a slower paced but strong practice, Emma's classes are for you.