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100hr YTT With Patrick Beach & Carling Harps

Patrick Beach and Carling Harps are unreservedly two of the most powerful young yogi voices on the planet right now, and we have them joining us in Perth this Spring for a 100hrYTT! We are excited because they bring a depth of knowledge and understanding of the practice that is unsurpassed.  And to top it off they are charismatic down to earth and darnright lovely people! From the 4th-7th of September 15 very Blessed individuals will be spending their days, immersed in the richness and joy these two bring. There are stil spaces available so if you are interested in deepening you knowledge or maybe a teacher alreadyt and simply need a massive injection of love and inspiration... this is undoubtably for you... and for a very short time we are offering you a discount on the training go here now <3

This will be one of the most wonderful and joyful trainings .. dont miss it!

The Weekend Workshops

Patrick and Carling will be conducting 2 workshops whilst in Perth. Patrick has created a programme that is inclusive, so all levels of practitioners are able to draw from their expertise! These workshops are an enquiry into your limitless potential and are open to all  levels. Patrick has a beautiful sense of ease and a cracking, quirky humour, this makes his teachings, not only informative and life changing but fun filled and charged! Carling is a powerhouse of knowledge , sensitivity and charisma in her own right and you will fall in love!

 These form a part of your training if your'e doing the full YTTimmersion and will be at no extra cost.

Saturday 9th September


Intrinsic Inversions

Together we will break down the practice of getting upside down. By honing in on unique and individualized alignment, alongside full-body activation we will learn to glide through practice with efficiency and levity. Using these efficient alignment principles and new found core awareness a variety of arm balances and handstands will be explored as we focus on deep awareness and activation radiating outward into the full breadth of asana.

All levels are welcome to this fun journey into the practice. Join in and get ready to take flight as we build the strength, knowledge and confidence to take the reigns and move your practice anywhere!

Sunday 10th September


Awakening Yoga 

This intuitive flowing practice asks for your full attention through both challenging movement and complete stillness. Shift within the balance of organic freedom and structure as we explore new ways to create harmony in the yoga practice. This full class experience will move you through a variety of different deeply integrated postures with grace, breath, and purpose. Experience inner stillness with the aide of expansive pranayama throughout and restful meditation to conclude this unified practice.


Patrick Beach

Patrick's yoga journey started in a very simple manner, practicing poses his mum learned in class, on the kitchen floor. His dad encouraged him to start taking public classes by challenging him to learn how to do a handstand. Since then yoga movement and asana has grown into an expression of connection to himself. As a teacher he works to create an experience for the students that helps them find a deeper sense of awareness and connection to the present moment! He loves helping students move in a way that allows them to build a trust and understanding in themselves. His unique style of connecting simple poses with exciting inversions has helped many students find a higher sense of consciousness and led to their feet floating off the ground! In his free time Patrick loves to go to concerts, read comics, and explore the world with Carling.



Carling Harps

Carling Harps is a yoga instructor living in Portland, Oregon. She has trained extensively with Annie Carpenter in SmartFlow Vinyasa Yoga. Having studied anatomy, nutrition, and labor and birth, her yoga classes are informed by the body’s architecture, movement, and vast potential. She specializes in prenatal yoga and is trained as a doula by Penny Simpkin at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. As a nutritional counselor, Carling also uses her passion for food, health, and wellness to cultivate a more informed dinner table through private and corporate nutritional counseling. When Carling isn’t practicing and teaching, you can find her hanging with her partner in crime, Patrick, their two magical cats, Opie and Zelda, singing along at local shows, and shopping for retro sneakers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.54.42 pm.png

Strength. Flexibility. Balance. Mental Toughness. Focus. Breath.

Patrick Beach integrates these six aspects in his signature approach to power yoga. He teaches vigorous vinyasa classes that emphasize building strength, creating flexibility, encouraging play, and learning to float. His classes are a fluid mix of longer holds and crafty flows that forge a deep mind-body connection. Patrick’s caring and intelligent teaching style makes yoga relatable for all levels of modern-day students. Longtime yogis familiar with his teachers, Annie Carpenter, and Brock and Krista Cahill will appreciate the blend of those teachings with Patrick’s own in-depth knowledge of alignment and his flair for creative sequencing built from a dedicated personal practice.

Patrick will prepare you for take-off.  His classes ignite a sense of adventure in even the most hesitant practitioner, and he loves to teach students how to safely play upside-down. Whether beginner or advanced, students can get ready to step outside their comfort zone with sequences that keep them guessing and have been known to lead to empowering “ah-ha!” moments. Ever calm and comfortable on his feet and on his hands, Patrick transmits confidence to his students. Many attest to a once-feared pose transforming into their favorite under Patrick’s guidance.

Each breath and posture becomes an opportunity for his students to unearth their own power. Patrick hopes that as his students rediscover their mind-body connection they will find the inspiration to explore their world from a new and emboldened perspective.

“I never thought something like handstands were even an option for me, but thanks to you they are now my favourite thing to do!”  -Patrick’s student


 Carling Nicole "Even though my life and career largely revolve around movement, movement has never come easy to me. Not physically moving that is, I’m quite privileged to have a relatively healthy and able body. lucky to at least be decently coordinated and thankful that I can somewhat respectably hold a beat at a concert with the help of a well timed finger snap or two. No no, its not about keeping going, its always been about getting going. get out of bed. start the day. just go to fucking yoga. just roll out your mat. just leave the house today. just go to the grocery store. just go for a walk. just. just. just.

just do something. just move. just start somewhere.

and that's the thing. forever its been about that somewhere needing to be grandiose. go big or go home. go do all the things today and everyday because you're supposed to and you're also supposed to love every moment of it. right? right…

Maybe it's getting older, maybe it's just finally settling into my own skin 30 years later, or maybe it's the newfound vitamin D in my system, but lately I’ve come to realize that quite likely its not the grandiose outcome that is the driving force. its simply the action. it's the effort. that's it. that's the point. it's not about what I do when I get out of bed, about all the things needing to be done. it's about just getting up. starting small. up and at ‘em before they get at you...



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Individual Workshops

Awakening Yoga
  •  Sunday 10th Sept 10-12pm
  • Shifting within the balance of organic Freedom and structure
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Intrinsic Workshop


  •  Saturday 9th Sept 10-12.30pm
  • All levels to fly
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Both Workshops with Patrick And Carling

  • Both workshops
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