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Finding connection through soulful sound and flow!

                  October 1st 3pm -5pm

                  109 Broome Street, Cottesloe



 October First 2017

Cott Civic Centre

109 Broome Street

Rhythm and Flow : Volume 2

How does your brain handle repetition - Is it an opportunity to find rhythm, pace and understanding or does it attempt to draw you away from stillness, making you fidget and succumb to the distractions the lower ego manifests to convince you that it's monotonous and unproductive?

Our daily waking lives are built on repetition - eat, sleep, work, repeat. Even the time we devote to leisure and self care can become repetitive in nature, as we "know" what we want and are led, usually subconsciously, very quickly to an end goal to fulfill our base desires. Unfortunately this generally comes at the expense of limiting ourselves to choose outcome over experience. Because of its very nature, the expression of repetition in music is widely received with an understanding of rhythm. So too with yoga, the repetitive nature of the movements in asana practice along with the undeniable and unerring certainty that an inhale will become an exhale, results in the rhythmical and hypnotic effect known as meditation. Repetition void of purpose is wasteful and lacking.

To remain aware and move with intent through the repetition affords us the opportunity to become a witness observer to the subtleties of our own lives so that we may grow, expand and become a more complete representation of our true selves.

The second installment of Rhythm and Flow with Ben Falle (instrumental), Solomon Pitt (vocals) and Bernard Kong (yoga) is an opportunity for excavation and exploration of our own internal rhythm as we journey toward stillness, so that we may move from stillness.

Hosted by Yogaworx


Rhythm & Flow

An afternoon Yoga experienced heightened by rhythm and soul


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