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Eve offers her heart and soul, into holding a space for you to ground, reflect and rewire. A ceremonial welcoming in of energy to sustain and inspire you.


In the midst of the crazy shit out there. the noise the chaos and the unusual family members … a place of sanctuary!


“In an age of acceleration, nothing can be more exhilarating than going slow. And in an age of distraction, nothing is so luxurious as paying attention. And in an age of constant movement, nothing is so urgent as sitting still.” 

Pico Iyer

After navigating through the turmoil of the holiday season, and racing toward the finish line of 2018, there is both an urgency, and a lack of opportunity to find stillness and space to reflect upon the past year, to set our intentions for the new year, to pause and indulge in the experience of just being a being, simply existing. 

A special thing happens when we come together in this sacred way. You sit cross-legged, knee to knee, unaware of what will be said, but sure that it’s going to bring some interesting, open conversations, and maybe even a couple of revelations along the way”.

Humans coming together really is a special thing – facilitating something extraordinary. And when we’re living in a world where people are more connected to their digital devices than they are to each other, isn’t it time that we started to flip things around a bit? Show yourself the love you deserve!

Join Eve @badyogisociety for an indulgent, nourishing and revitalising, Urban Retreat.

Think organic chocolate, carefully selected essentil oils to elevate, soothe and relax you. Balanced yoga offerings to purify mind and body,a chakra sound healing culiminating in a Meditation and Intention setting that draws from the deep mystery of the self state. The perfect end to one cycle and preparing mindfully for the next journey around the sun!

Undeniable : the power of intention and ritual.

Indisputable : the benefits of reflective introspection and observation in stillness. 

Unquestionable: the fact that when we take the time to care for ourselves, to love ourselves wholly, we become equipped to love and care for others. 


2:00pm Nurturing Vinyasa Practice and Nidra with Eve 

3:15pm Short Break to Nourish and Revitalise 

4:00pm Ceremony / Circle / Intention Setting Exercises 

5:15pm Yin and Sound Healing with special guest

6:00pm Closing Dinner, Wine, Organic Handmade Chocolate and Gift

7:15pm End 


Please inform of any dietary restriction or allergies prior to the day

Wear comfortable clothing

Bring: A Pen, a crystal or favourite piece of jewellery, or something sentimental for the circle 


Eve is the Founder and Chief Facilitator at Bad Yogi Society, Yoga Facilitator at Yogaworx Perth, Power Living Perth, Urban Yoga Fremantle and Vital Beat Yoga Perth, and Senior Instructor at KX Pilates Booragooon. With over 700 Hours of formal and informal training in different yoga lineages and styles, modern anatomy and physiology, Eve's style of teaching is unique and fresh, with a strong = focus on creating safe movement patterns within the body, whilst including an element of storytelling and drama, influenced by Hindu mythology, vedantic philosophy and modern psychology. Eve's classes are a creative and playful journey, and her humility and authenticity radiate throughout, creating a safe and supportive container for growth. You never know what to expect with Eve, but you’re likely to leave her classes feeling fulfilled, inspired and maybe a little giddy.

Ritual and Radical Self Love
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