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Cody Cianfagna

Cody was trained on the beautiful coast of Byron bay completing her Cert IV 500 hr YTT . This training integrated both the physical and the spiritual aspects of these ancient and revered practices. In her classes, Cody skilfully  guides her students through asana, pranayama and meditation techniques to help calm the murmurings of mind and allow the focus to turn inward. 

Cody has travelled around the world experiencing at first hand the connections that can be made, with people sharing this human experience. Her travels inevitably brought her into closer connection with herself. She has chased her "wild-fire"  and felt drawn to teaching yoga,  as a natural progression. Cody soon learned that it was to be her Dharma ( Our Dharma is our true place in the cosmic process: in time, in space, in awareness, in thought, deed and desire) Cody aims to ignite that wild fire within each of us and help to discover what it is that moves us. Maybe even assisting students onto their Dharmic paths!

“Yoga is really an extension or a taste of my soul” she says.

 Having a consistent practice herself for many years she challenges you to question, to explore and to play. With a deep and soulful practice, hoping to uplift you along the way!

No One Can Say it more eloquently, than Cody herself:

The Bhakti side of things can just give people a taste to another side another offering 

Another form of yoga 

Of rhythm of mantra 

If I think back to my training we had a lady come in and do a couple of Bhakti sessions 

And to me it was the courage i grasped from it 

It was the letting go to express myself in another way

I want them to be ready to fall and get back up again I want them to lean in 

Lean in that little bit too close 

That fire within me 

Is within them 

I just want to bring it out

If we all honour our path if we all become a little more mindful to each other and this planet 

Collectively we can lift the vibration xxx 

I’m trying my best 

I fall 

Fuck up

Over ambitious 

Perfectly timed 




Over expressive 

Aren’t we all??! 

Remove the mask 

Why do we hold on so tightly. 

The gripping

The trying to make it work 

The knowing 

The unknowing 

Its all relevant but yet none of it is 

My thoughts my musings 

I unpack for all of them

There is no way 

Be curious 

Drop the judgment on yourself 

Xxxx ❤️ 

I offer love 

I offer light 

I give them courage


The art of Devotion

Come and join Cody, in a sweet devotional practice of the heart, bring your voice and your heart.

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