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Patrick Beach & Carling Harps 

  PERTH 2017


                                 Dates: September 4th-17th

Patrick & Carling YTT Continuing Education Modules

Patrick Beach and Carling Harp’s continuing education intensives were created for yoga practitioners of every lineage who want to infuse their practice and teaching with more depth, skill and inspiration. Both experienced teachers and dedicated students looking to deepen their practice are invited to study with Patrick and Carling.

100-hour :

Intrinsic Inversions: Practicing and Teaching with Wisdom and Grace Sequencing and Self-Inquiry
Intuitive Alignment and Hands-on Adjustments

100-hour Modules

100-hour teacher training modules take place over 10-14 days. Morning practice explores asana relevant to the day’s course content. Each afternoon, lecture and discussion examines the subject at hand and is followed with a short evening homework assignment—approaching the topic from multiple angles to effectively retain the information covered. 

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YTT modules include two weekend workshop made available to the public. Participants enrolled in the YTT program must attend the weekend workshop (workshop is included in hours and tuition of the YTT; no additional cost for YTT students to attend).

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Training Outline


Intrinsic Inversions: Practicing and Teaching with Wisdom and Grace

Patrick and Carling offer a guided, open-ended journey into the flying side of the yoga practice. Gain a comprehensive understanding of inversions, exploring every why, why not, and how-to. In this training you will build a new level of comfort in your own inversion practice and walk away with the tools needed to safely share the joy of going upside down with your students.

We will explore two paths in this training:

The path of liberating your own practice through the physical efforts needed to build your inversion practice

A path of manifestation, studying the ideas, alignment, safety techniques, communication skills, and developing a keen eye for looking at bodies as you prepare to share your knowledge with others


Come prepared to be an active participant. Through hands-on movement, practice, readings, lecture and discussion, this training will create a shift in your body, mind and spirit. Let’s fly!


• Examine the benefits of inversions
• Master physical alignment of inversions
• Investigate varying inversion alignment principals and theories • Effectively prepare students for inversions using:

Targeted strengthening & sequencing
• Prevent injuries and build classroom environments that keep students safe • Assess readiness for an inversion practice in others
• Build your expertise to offer skillful modifications of inversions for all bodies


Required Materials: TBD (online readings) 


Sequencing and Self-Inquiry

You do the yoga and the yoga does you. Through asana practice, discussion and teaching practicum, you will learn to tailor your classes to the ever-changing physical and energetic needs of your students. By utilizing unique, purposeful, intelligent sequencing that goes far beyond peak poses and anatomical categories, this training explores the physical, mental and spiritual effects of individual postures, sequencing combinations and the practice as a whole.

Progressively deepening your skills as a teacher and as an eternal student by investigating your own relationship with the practice through svadhyaya (self-study). A study of chakras couples with our energetic focus so we may delve deeper into the Self. Embark on a journey to understand these philosophical components of the yogic tradition so that you may communicate their themes to your students in ways that are clear, accessible and powerful.

• Sequence beyond sun salutations
• Create transitions between postures with creativity and grace

• Chakra study: readings, lectures and discussions
• Utilize the chakras to move your students
• Understand the role of the subtle body in physical practice
• Learn movement mechanics behind advanced asana

Individual design
Bodily properties
How to sequence safely

Required Materials: Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith

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Intuitive Alignment and Hands-on Adjustments

When we assist a student with alignment, we are not simply adjusting poses; we are adjusting people. Adjustments can be immensely powerful ways to deepen your student’s experience of a pose and heighten their awareness of the present. In this hands-on training, Patrick and Carling share clear and effective methods of adapting many different bodies to the quintessential forms of yoga postures.

As we examine the many ways in which the body is designed to fit together, you will learn to move your students’ bodies and your own with respect, patience, and empathy. Develop your eye for detail, the ability to listen fully, and most importantly how to truly see each individual and their unique body through physical practice, biomechanical principals, and one-on-one work. Utilizing our hands, feet, eyes, voices and entire bodies, we explore skillful verbal and physical instruction that guides students toward their individual centers.

This training is suitable for all levels of teachers and students who are wishing to further their skills in postural adjusting and reading bodies. Participants in this training will leave prepared to incorporate new effective approaches into their own regular teachings.

Explore and learn:

• Advanced asana body mechanics: individual design and alignment properties • Lecture and discussion about varying alignment systems and yoga lineages
• More than just a correction: utilizing ideology to accompany hands-on assists • How to incorporate elements of Thai yoga massage

• How to quickly and intuitively read bodies
• How to link verbal cues to hands-on assists
• Individualized assists for each body, in every asana • To assist effectively in all situations:

Large public classes Small groups
Private settings

Required Materials: TBD (1 book + online readings) 




Who is this course for?

For teachers who need a reboot and a fresh infusion of love, for students of yoga who are curious and dedicated and want to go deeper. You need to be in a relationship with yoga of at least 12 months duration. You need to be passionate and determined, generous and forgiving.  


Venue: Yogaworx

1 Cathedral Avenue

State Buildings, PERTH

 $2000 Payable now



(*Please make your selections with care as there can be no refunds unless supported by a doctors certificate )

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