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Immersion with Shaney Aalbers


6-8th OCTOBER 2017



 6- 8:00 pm "READING"

The body is the quill and the breath is the ink. Up to 93% of what we have to convey when we communicate, is non-verbal. The intent behind this (2 or 3 hour) session is to hone our inherent Self consciousness; to relate to our sense organs and the current time tense, according to the senses. Pattern and repetition, under the craft of devotion, can evolve into ritual. The eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin, when we pay them our regular attention can assist us in recovering from time famine; where we are loyal to the past - ushering us into a presence. And we can forgive ourselves of our absence when we attend to the senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, so as to press pause in the mind’s forecasting where we may lust for or abhor our future agendas. In order to communicate fully with our body’s expressions, our presentation in posture and vocabulary of movement, we can fine tune the capacity to read our inner landscape and discover a personal value in how one can believe that the 7% of what we convey then, will deliver meaningful vibrations with our voices as we weave the alphabet into words.

This workshop will address a physiological preparation that aims to target both gross and subtle body preparations. The guide will ultimately come from an intimate inner ear that begs the practitioner to read the information internally with discernment and tenderness. Obscure shapes and intricate lines will help harvest the information from our gut instinct, our feeling intelligence, and hope to retrieve our emotional wisdom.

This time will prepare participants for the Writing exercises and ultimately prove to enhance the Recess session. Let’s call this one a pre-requisite to suit all levels and body abilities.It is likely that this session that informs folks of whether or not they have an appetite for the remainder of the buffet line that Shaney has to offer: this is the appetizer. 

All levels


12pm - 200 pm "WRITING"

We scribe out articulate lines in the realms of the asana art. Each of us discovers an authentic penmanship. It is curious to accept well, that the legibility of our right hand is remarkably different than that of our lefthand. The flexibility feature dares us to allow for a freedom from the often times expected carbon copy when we design a balancing art in the illustrations of our body. 

To say what we mean and mean what we say, we discover this clarity from those vague mis-interpreted exchanges and the snags that are called assumptions. To speak clearly, we must have learned from those examples where we mumbled or yelled. 

The design for this work-shop time is to dance in the light so that we call our shadows up into the metabolic influence of stressing the physical body so as to neutralize the chaotic charge with intelligent breath, and gather authentic wisdom behind the evidence that is greatly revealed when contradiction is welcomed (otherwise it is often shunned).

Traditional templates will be expressed (classical asanas) and then encouraged in ways that feel as though we are prolific writers - and we will probably color outside of the lines and onto surrounding pages (if you will). From a voracious reader, we become a profound writer. This hopes to inspire a truth behind our authentic story: Being without an apology, and Doing without listing the excuses or reasons why.

A minimum of 6 months Yoga experience required.

SUNDAY  8th: 

3:00-5:00 pm "RECESS"

Let us pretend serious, and honestly, play silly. This is the Big Kid research, or the adult laboratory of Recess. Fundamentals and principles of muscle memory can pay off. The redundant sequencing and repetitive movements are the basic colors to a prismatic picture. We will turn the angles all around, upside down, and levity will result from the admission to what can weigh us down.

Inversions, arm balancing, giggles, and erupting smiles; almost all guaranteed. Much laughter and connection a prescription to ascribe to!

3 Years Minimum yoga experience require


INVESTMENT: $100  (for the entire immersion)

                         $70   (for any two sessions)

                          $40  (per session as singles)

ADDRESS: 65 Eric Street Cottesloe



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