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The Kite Surfing season is upon us!

Join kite master Mal to learn one of the fastest growing sports in Perth. 

In Perth the season is from November through February/March. The main source of wind during the 'on' season is the sea-breeze, which can easily blow every afternoon for weeks on end. In a good season, the wind will blow five to seven days a week in the middle of the season. The wind usually starts up nice and light for beginners in the morning, before the sea-breeze comes in any time from eleven to four, anything from 15 to 35 knots.

The location of lessons will depend on the wind conditions and your preference.

The introductory lesson will be on the sand with a small trainer kite to familiarise students with basic kite flying. Then the lessons will progress at the student's pace from basic kite set up and launching, flying kite on beach, body dragging without board in water, to pulling up onto the board and eventually going up wind. Jumping, jibing and front and back rolls are possible when "holding the line" or going upwind is mastered. 

All lessons can be personalised depending on your abilities, experience and preferences. 

For more information call Mal on 0439 999 760 

Mal has 14 years of kitesurfing experience and is IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) certified.




3 Lesson Kite Package

Perfect for surfers to be up and going with kiting.

3 x 2hr Lessons / 6hrs + 5 Free Yoga Classes with Yogaworx.


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