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Yin Yoga & Sound Healing Meditation 

This specialized class has been developed to shift stagnant energy and welcome fresh and uplifting energy. 

Co-hosted by Wendy Muir from Yogaworx and Guillaume Hauer, this two hours class is a combination of Yin Yoga and Sound Healing Meditation. 

Beginning with a beautiful Yin practice, you will first be guided through a series of specific asanas to help you restore the natural flow of energy. 

Beneficial for both mind and body. 

Leaving you feeling lighter, freer and at ease with your body. 

Now you are ready for a profound and rejuvenating Sound Healing Meditation. 

You will be guided each step of the way, allowing you to settle into a deep state of relaxation and inner connection. 

This guided meditation will be accompanied by the sound of the Didgeridoo and Singing Crystal Bow. These two healing instruments have unique sounds and their wide range of low frequency sound waves enable listeners to quickly and easily achieve deep meditative brainwaves. 

In addition, thanks to the vibration of the instruments you can experience a no touch, sound massage that will assist in achieving deep relaxation. 

Sound Healing can help you : 

Become more aware of your energetic body 

Develop a better Body-Mind Connection 

Restore the natural flow of your energy 

Reduce stress/anxiety level 

Find inner peace 

Understand you are the key of your own wellbeing 

To conclude the class, time will be allowed for an open discussion on meditation and the importance of self-care.


Guillaume Hauer Biography 

Originally from France, Guillaume has been living in Perth since 2012. He began facilitating Meditation classes in 2010, having qualified in Switzerland as a Neuro-Linguistics-Programming and Zero Balancing certified practitioner. 

Since then its dedication to self-learning including yoga and meditation led him to develop Sound Healing Guided Meditation. 

His aim is to bring stillness, peace and a sense of calmness to people struggling with challenges, anxiety and everything in between that life has to offer. 

He says “We all, at one stage or another face difficult times. Sometimes we're resourceful and resilient and the difficult moments pass quickly. Other times it's a much longer journey”. 

And it's here on the longer journey through his workshops and meditations that Guillaume offers a helping hand.